Accountant Member Program

A mutually-beneficial partnership

Interested in our exclusive Accountant Member Program? You’re in the right place! The Accountant Member Program is for accountants who would like to offer their clients a value-added advisory service. All you have to do is refer your clients to us and you’ll reap the benefits of a mutually-beneficial partnership.

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    Generate Additional Income and Gain Rewards

    How Our Accountant Member Program Benefits You

    Grow Your Business

    At Real Ezi Homes, we work with clients every day who are in need of accounting services. When you’re a member of our Accountant Member program, we’ll refer clients to you for free. You’ll never have to pay us a referral fee.

    Generate Extra Income

    On the other hand, we will pay you a referral fee when you successful refer one of your clients to us. If any of your clients are interested in building wealth through real estate investing, you can earn a commission on every client that purchases a property through us.

    Gain Rewards

    We offer multiple benefits to our members ranging from commissions to monthly bonuses to luxury car rentals, holidays, discounted and free flights, tailor-made suits and much more. Working hard deserves to be rewarded! Thanks to our corporate sponsors and partners, qualified members can enjoy these rewards simply by helping people.

    Help Your Clients Secure & Hold High-Performing Real Estate

    How Our Real Estate Program Helps Your Clients Build Wealth

    Real estate has low volatility and low risk, yet it still has higher rewards compared to most of the major asset classes. The catch is that, in order to invest in real estate successfully, you have to be armed with a wealth of market knowledge, cashflow strategies, and more.

    When a client purchases a property through Real Ezi Homes, they can get valuable, tailored advice and guidance from one of our Investment Property Specialists. We will guide them as they select a suitable investment property. We’ll also provide them with our Property Investment Analysis (PIA) program, an essential investing tool that computes cashflow projections, capital growth, tax implications, and much more.

    Attract New Clients and Reward Your Existing Clients

    Give Your Clients Powerful Incentives to Drive New Business Your Way

    With this program, you can provide your existing customers with powerful incentives that will motivate them to refer clients to you. We provide incentives such as spectacular holidays and other amazing benefits. Your clients will want to share the good news and drive new business your way!

    To reap the rewards of this opportunity, you only need to send the email. It’s all done for you. You can send professionally-written emails via our revolutionary marketing portal. You won’t have to incur any additional costs – we’ll pay for the holidays courtesy of our valued sponsors and suppliers.