Fonzie Flat

This was the coolest show on TV. The star of the show was Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli “ The Fonz” or Fonzie.

Fonzie lived in a flat above the garage in a completely self-contained apartment with kitchen, bathroom, laundry electricity metering and water.

We may offer this option and it’s a real winner. (Minus the Fonz). If you had issues with the backyard as the site of your granny flat, or if you just prefer this option, we could construct a flat above your garage that will have its own access via a set of stairs and create a mini home for a potential tenant or teenager wanting there own space.

It’s not the only Attached dwelling option. We could extend the rear of the property and build off the existing dwelling to create a self contained apartment.

You need to remember we are Building Company. We build homes not just back yard grant flats!

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