Granny Flats

Granny Flats built by Award Winning Home Builder

With more than 4000 homes built across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria you can have the confidence that your new addition will be of the highest standard, adding value to your home.

*Your backyard could earn you over $350 per week!

With the cost of living continuing to rise, more people than ever are looking at increasing their income by constructing a granny flat or what we loving refer to as Mini Homes. We will construct a home that is of the highest standard, pleasing to look at, council approved and a place for you, your loved ones or a tenant to call home. Our homes are full turnkey meaning everything is included. Offering high-end or standard inclusions that are both comprehensive and Impressive.

Before we look at designs and inclusions we need to identify what is permitted on your block of land or the block your considering to purchase.

The NSW Government supports affordable housing and has developed a guide or rather Policy called State Environmental Planning Policy (affordable rental housing).

The process starts with a Site Assessment.

We will visit the site and assess the site for suitability. This will include but not limited to identifying:

Site access: How will we get machinery and material onto the site.
Lot size: Is the lot big enough and the lot size will also determine set back requirements.
Site Coverage: How much of the site will be covered by the proposed new dwelling and the existing dwelling. Can we make it fit within the site coverage guidelines outlined in the policy.
Services and connections: Such as storm water.
Flood Zone and Fire Rating – BASIX
Privacy, Parking and much more.

We have a comprehensive Check-list that we go through so that we can inform you form the early stages any obstacles and set realistic expectations.

Once we inspect the site, we will determine what can be built and what designs options are permitted. There is no use in quoting a particular home design if it wont fit within the policy or if we can access a service. In fact we ethically cannot quote until we have all the facts. Just like a doctor cannot recommend a cure without looking over the problem.

Design Consultation

Once we have conducted a comprehensive inspection, we will sit down with you and go over what can be designed and meet the design guidelines.

You may have many or few options and we will explore them all.

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    Design Options

    Option 1 – Conversion

    The conversion of part of the principal dwelling, structure or garage into a second dwelling.

    Option 2 – Attached

    A granny flat can be built as an extension, or as an alteration or addition to your principal dwelling. An example of this is a Fonzie Flat.
    “Howdy all your baby boomers. Happy Days with a Fonzie Flat”

    Options 3 – Detached

    A Granny Flat can be built as a separate structure, detached from the principal dwelling.