Other Services

Home Loans

We are not a mortgage brokering company; rather we see the benefit of referring you to proven, experienced Mortgage Brokers to help make your purchase process simple and stress free. We have a panel of preferred Mortgage Brokers who understand home construction and importantly are willing to work with you to help you achieve your Financial Goals.

Interior Decorator

We are all individuals and therefore have individual styles.

Employing an interior decorator or home stylist once your home is handed over is becoming extremely popular. Now that you have your own stunning new home, you have the option of getting some professional help in dressing it with style and sophistication. Ask about our Styling Service.

Accounting Services

We work with some of Australia’s most trusted accountants and believe that everyone should employ a professional when it comes to maximizing your deductions and increasing your tax returns.

Our New Home  Affordability Program  involves the service of a qualified accountant.

Ask us why this is important when you speak to one of our consultants.